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The Devil is in the Details

You will see that the devil is truly in the details as this workshop explores the essential parts of a contract that are of significance to project personnel. We work through key terms emphasizing the importance of properly organized and detailed paperwork by exploring the following topics:

  • Project Playbooks summarizing contract terms;

  • Providing notices;

  • Documenting RFI’s and RFI Logs;

  • Organizing Submittals and Submittals Logs;

  • Meeting minutes;

  • Daily reports – content and purpose;

  • Look Aheads;

  • Documenting changes and requests for change orders;

  • Performing changes before a written change order is issued – private and public work differences;

  • Working under protest;

  • Documenting verbal directives;

  • Professional Emails – don’t write anything that you would not want a judge or jury to see.


The participants finish the session with an entertaining case study where they can put their new found skills to the test! ​

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