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Understanding the procedures and deadlines for dispute resolution as dictated by the contract, and understanding the types of damages you can claim, are keys to maximizing your chances of a successful resolution.  This workshop focuses on conflicts involving: scope of work; plans and specs; percent of completion; delays; changes in project schedule; withholding payments; causes of delay; T&M directives; and changed or extra work. The course also discusses the appropriateness of demanding dispute resolution prior to the completion of the project.


Participants will also gain a deeper understanding of force majeure events, and the effect of various categories of delays, such as excusable, non-excusable, compensable, non-compensable, and concurrent.  The workshop also explores disruption and acceleration claims, differing site conditions, and the calculation of damages, including general conditions, field office and home office overhead, and the impact of contractual limitations on mark-ups.


The session concludes with the participants rolling up their sleeves and digging into an interesting case study to test their claim-preparation and damage calculation skills!

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