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Popular On Site Workshops

Popular Workshops

On Site Training:

Provides convenience and privacy to your team in a venue that allows optimal understanding for all participants. This also encourages open dialog to target the specific information your team needs most.  

Tailored Topics:

Select from a wide variety of standard topics that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Current industry topics are integrated with established law to provide a deeper understanding of contract terms and pro-active contract management.

Workshop Sessions:

Our time-tested workshop environment keeps your team more engaged, which provides an enjoyable experience. Our minds are way more open to learning when we are enjoying the process!

Shake on It

Understanding and Negotiating Contract Terms 

This workshop covers the contract terms that pose the most risk and that often provide fertile ground for disputes.  


Attendees will learn ways to edit and negotiate such terms to level the playing field. This workshop explores terms such as: pay-if-paid/pay-when-paid; retention; integration clauses; incorporation of the prime contract; termination for cause and convenience; indemnity and liability; liquidated damages; notice provisions; no-damage-for-delay clauses; force majeure, and sleeper clauses such venue and choice of law.

The workshop includes practical and entertaining exercises such as the "timed" contract term scavenger hunt and a mock negotiation of contract terms.

The Devil is in the Details -

Managing Project Documentation

The devil is truly in the details as this workshop works through key contract terms while emphasizing the importance of properly organized and detailed paperwork by exploring the following topics:

  • "Flow charting" techniques to keep track of deadlines;

  • Providing notices;

  • Documenting RFI’s and RFI Logs;

  • Organizing Submittals and Submittals Logs;

  • Meeting minutes;

  • Daily reports – content and purpose;

  • Look Aheads;

  • Documenting changes and requests for change orders;

  • Performing changes before a written change order is issued – private and public work differences;

  • Working under protest;

  • Documenting verbal directives;

  • Professional Emails – don’t write anything that you would not want a judge or jury to see.


The participants finish the session with an entertaining case study where they can put their new found skills to the test! ​

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Contract Terms
Devil in Details
Highway Bridge

Changes and Claims - 

Do it Right or Lose Your Rights

Understanding the procedures and deadlines for dispute resolution as dictated by the contract, and understanding the types of damages you can claim, are keys to maximizing your chances of a successful resolution.  This workshop focuses on conflicts involving: scope of work; plans and specs; percent of completion; delays; changes in project schedule; withholding payments; causes of delay; T&M directives; and changed or extra work. The course also discusses the appropriateness of demanding dispute resolution prior to the completion of the project.


Participants will also gain a deeper understanding of force majeure events, and the effect of various categories of delays, such as excusable, non-excusable, compensable, non-compensable, and concurrent.  The workshop also explores disruption and acceleration claims, differing site conditions, and the calculation of damages, including general conditions, field office and home office overhead, and the impact of contractual limitations on mark-ups.


The session concludes with the participants rolling up their sleeves and digging into an interesting case study to test their claim-preparation and damage calculation skills!

Changes and Claims
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